Stays Colder Longer

Thermopeutic Premium ice packs use the highest quality material in the market.


More gel, more coverage, more compression, stays cold and very easy to use.


All of our products are uniquely modified and designed  


Check out our selections:

Multi Purpose Cold Pack (15" x 7") - This cold pack is our current best selling item.

thermopeutic ice packs for injuries.png

Shoulder Pain? This cold pack will cover your full shoulder, Front and Back!

ice pack for shoulder.jpg

Multi Purpose Cold Pack (15.5" x 12") - This cold pack covers larger area of your body parts.


Ankle & Foot pain? This one of a kind ankle cold wrap can help!

ankle ice pack.png

Migraine? Headache? This cold head wrap will block out the lights, add compression, and smooth out your pain 

headache ice pack.png

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